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Being one of the most popular superhero, the batman is mine’s favorite too and I used to watch the television series day and night like and owl. I still remember the time, when I was a kid and used to read every comic based on the super league of the superheroes and certainly the batman was my most favorite.

So, for all the bat man lovers and online casino slots lovers out there I will be talking about both of them today. To be more precise, today I will be telling a little about this online pokie, which is based on the same theme of the Dark Knight and which I played this last week, in fact the name of the casino slot is also The Dark Knight.

When coming to the specifications of the game let me tell you guys that it is a 5 reel poker machine that doesn’t rely on the general pay line system but comes with the increasingly popular and better option called 243 ways to win system with which players pay single price and receive every possible winning combination to win the real money.

After, get to know all about the poker machine, I thought of doing some research on the web in order to check the reviews and rating of the game. And when I did, I was really surprised with what I saw, actually I came to know that it is one of the most played slot of the gambling world.

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By seeing the popularity of the poker machine, I made the instant download of the game app in my android mobile phone, so that I could play it with the best gaming experience of better graphics and sound. And later I went for the real money versions and made few dollars as well.